Republic Of Opportunities

Republic of Opportunities


Republic of Opportunities is the vision of the strenght of the productive platform of Ecuador and its citizens. So their fundamental perspective is the call to grow in ourselves, to recognize that we are capable to be better every day, ready to join efforts to make our country a productive power, with high self'esteem and long-term vision.

Ecuador, Republic of Opportunities is an approach that is shared from the Ministerio Coordinador de Producción, Empleo y Competitividad (Coordinating Ministry of Production, Employment and Competitiveness), for the entire country; but especially for the productive sector, which is the engine of national development, so that through clear policies, decisive actions and the participation of everyone, we achieve the great national objectives.

The pillars of this VISION will allow us to exploit the productive platform generated by the National Government:


A country of innovators_

An innovative country is forged with education, infrastructure, technology and human talent. In 10 years Ecuador went from being a disconnected country to a society that unites with the world of knowledge and information. Universities like Yachay, University of Arts and the National University of Education give credit to the consolidation of the educational system through the education of professionals of excellence.


A country that produces with quality_

The incomparable beauty and exuberance of Ecuador is also felt in its products and services, thanks to innovation, technification and historical support to the small and big entrepreneurs. That's why, when you go to buy, choose what's ours first, choose Primero Ecuador (Ecuador First).


A productive country_

The economic and social development that Ecuador has been experiencing since 2006 is reflected in the evolution and strengthening of the productive apparatus, tourist impulse, the incentives for local and foreign investment and the development of strategic sectors. In the last 4 years, 95 investment contracts have been approved for USD 6.624 million, which generated 8,807 direct jobs in the country. On the other hand, USD 1,150 million is the average amount of investment in the last three years.


A country of exporters_

Concerned in differentiate itself from its competitors, Ecuador distinguishes itself for its quality of origin, conquest of new markets and generation of agreements for new opportunities without neglecting the incentives for its local industry. Proof of that is the signing of the Protocol of Accession of Ecuador to the Multiparty Trade Agreement of the European Union. With this agreement Ecuador ensures the entry with 0 tariff for practically all the Ecuadorian exportable offer to the 28 countries of the European Union.


A country of energy_

Today Ecuador not only produces energy in an efficient and responsible way with the environment, it also exports clean energy to Peru and Colombia. The country has invested USD 5.500 million in eight megaprojects of electricity generation, which have been built during 9 years: Toachi Pilatón (254 MW), Manduriacu (65 MW), Coca Codo Sinclair (1.500 MW), Mazar Dudas (21MW), Quijos (50 MW), Sopladora (487 MW), Delsitanisagua (180 MW) and Minas San Francisco (270 MW). 90% of the electricity generation will depend on renewable sources in 2017 and will generate an estimated saving of USD 1 billion per year from fossil fuel imports.


A country that sees in its basic industries_

With an investment of USD 6.015 million, made between 2007 and 2005, Ecuador promotes its strategic sectors, becoming a country that sees in its basic industries the platform to achieve development. The Investment Portfolio focuses on: strategic sectors (USD 37.110 mm), basic industries (for USD 3.105 mm), logistic infrastructures (for USD 2.145 mm), real estate infrastructure (for $ 1.564 mm), water projects (for USD 678,07 mm), industrial (for $ 533,8 mm), tourism (for USD 416,9 mm), agroforestry (USD 137 mm), agro-industrial (USD 31.17 mm) and goods at auction (USD 23.21 mm)


A country with integral safety_

Integral security develops trust in a country and Ecuador has become one of the safest nations in Latin America. According to the Igarapé Homicide Monitor Institute, three Ecuadorian cities occupy privileged positions within their report. Ambato occupies the third place; Quito and Cuenca are in the fifth and sixth place, respectively.


A country in which public services are the best_

Ecuador is clear that citizens must have access to quality public services, with agile, friendly and transparent services for all users, contributing to efficiency and equity, and chained to the objectives of production. The World Economic Forum, in its competitiveness index, registers Ecuador as the country with the best quality roads in all of Latin America. Ecuador went from being a hopeless country, to being a country with a high human development index according to the United Nations, in which the social spending has increased 5 times with a clear reflection on improving the quality of people's life.


A country who has it all to be tourist power_

In July 2016, Ecuador officially introduced to the world the new phase of the 'All you Need Is Ecuador' tourist promotion campaign, which in its first phase impacted about 455 million people around the world showing its natural and cultural charms. As a result, visits to our country grew by 14%. The Ministry of Tourism was recognized as the best tourist office in Latin America and the campaign took dozens of awards and was chosen as the best tourist campaign of the year by the World Tourism Organization. Now, in its second phase 'Love Is In The Air' the beauty, exuberance and wonders of Ecuador are exalted in its four worlds: Coast, Andes, Amazon and Galapagos.


A country with self-esteem and long-term vision_

We believe that this must be a be from the state, that is, from the Government and its institutions, the Gads, but above all from the entire business community, the academy and from the citizens in general, together we make Ecuador a Republic of Opportunities.